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This ribbon was created by Anne Haines on July 29, 2012

My mother has been unemployed for going on 3 years now. She was a 2nd grade teacher in the Kansas City, MO school district when she was let go not only right before she would have been granted tenure, but right after she had taken out a student loan and gotten her Masters degree in education. During the school year she's a substitute teacher when she can get the work, but with so many teachers in the area out of work, there aren't enough subbing jobs to go around. Her only other sources of income are the handmade cards that she makes and tries to sell in a beauty salon and working under 3 hours a week at our church nursery for $9 an hour.

I try to help out when I can, but I honestly don't make enough money. I am a full-time student in college, and I also have two part-time jobs. I give my mom as much money as I can, but it isn't enough to even make a dent, and by sacrificing my savings, I'm ensuring that I won't be able to leave this city (or move out or have my own car) for a very very long time.

My mother is determined to keep our house, and I'm not keen to lose it either. Unfortunately, she gets less than $200 a month from unemployment, she has been denied Disability (she is over 60 years old and has 3 stints, as well as having 2 strokes in the past, which makes her slower than most places of work want their employees to be - hence her not being able to find work), and we have also been denied Food Stamps. We are running out of options, and these days apartments are just as expensive as houses.

So I'm turning to you. I've seen the wonderful things that the internet and people in general can do. I myself have donated to many different causes in the past, even if I could only spare $5.

I'm asking you to give if you can spare it. To help a family who desperately needs it. Even if it's only $1, it's a dollar more than we have right now. Every little bit helps, and those dollars add up.

I don't really know if I'll get any type of response. I hope that I do. Either way, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Thank you.

Help Anne's Family

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