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This ribbon was created by Sean Atkinson on January 21, 2019

A YES vote on Hollywood's General Obligation Bond will provide full funding for the renovation of the historic Orangebrook Golf Course that includes a new 23 acre public access Nature Preserve Path for jogging, birdwatching and other passive recreational activities. It will also save the Sunset property from development, restore the historic Hollywood Beach Golf Course and provide funding for Parks, Public Safety and Neighborhood Improvements.

GO Bond Vote YES!

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Your support will help us produce yard signs and other campaign materials to educate the public and Get-Out-The-Vote for the March 12 General Obligation Bond referendum to improve the quality of life in the City of Hollywood, FL.

Help GO Bond Vote YES! reach its goal of $4872.00 by March 12, 2019
$775.00 raised so far
$4097.00 more to go!
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