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This ribbon was created by AZ Foundation for Legal Justice on January 20, 2013

Maricopa County has made illegal immigration enforcement a top priority even though the federal government, not the State of Arizona, is supposed to enforce immigration and employment laws. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has conducted 70 "employer sanctions" raids but hasn't sanctioned a single employer. Instead, he's rounded up more than 650 undocumented workers at their workplace. These individuals normally have no criminal history. Rather than turn them over to immigration, they are passed off to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office where they are prosecuted on multiple counts of identity theft and forgery and held for months in jail before being deported. The policies of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Maricopa County Attorney's Office lets employers off with no consequences while their employees' lives are destroyed. It also takes resources away from fighting serious criminal activity in Maricopa County. Sheriff Joe conducts these raids while almost 30,000 warrants are open in the county. Maricopa County Attorney's Office also funnels resources into the prosecution of individuals with no criminal history rather than focus on the dangerous criminals.

We are fighting to stop the illegal and racist policies of the MCAO and MCSO by fighting these criminal charges in State court and through appeals. We are considering federal action as well but we need help funding the legal effort to defend the immigrants caught in these raids and facing criminal charges based on their employment in Maricopa County.

El Condado de Maricopa ha hecho la ley de inmigración ilegal una prioridad a pesar de que el gobierno federal, no el Estado de Arizona, es el unico con la autoridad de hacer cumplir las leyes de inmigración y de empleo. Sheriff Joe Arpaio ha realizado 70 "sanciones a los empleadores" redadas, pero no ha sancionado un solo empleador. En su lugar, ha detenido a más de 650 trabajadores indocumentados en su lugar de trabajo. Estas personas normalmente no tienen antecedentes penales. En lugar de ser traspasados a inmigración, están pasados a la oficina del fiscal del condado de Maricopa, donde son procesados por múltiples cargos de robo de identidad y falsificación y se mantienen durante meses en la cárcel antes de ser deportados. Las políticas de la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado Maricopa y la Oficina del Procurador del Condado de Maricopa permiten que los empleadores escapen sin consecuencias, mientras que las vidas de sus empleados son destruidas. También quita recursos de la lucha contra los criminales serios en el condado de Maricopa. Sheriff Joe lleva a cabo estos ataques, mientras que casi 30,000 órdenes de arresto están abiertas en el condado. La Oficina del Procurador del Condado Maricopa también canaliza recursos a la persecución de las personas que no tienen antecedentes penales en lugar de enfocarse en los criminales peligrosos.

Estamos luchando para detener las prácticas ilegales y racistas de la MCAO y MCSO por medio de pelear en contra de estos cargos criminales en la corte estatal y por medio de apelaciones. Estamos considerando la acción federal también, pero necesitamos ayuda económica para financiar el esfuerzo legal para defender a los inmigrantes atrapados en las redadas y enfrentando cargos criminales en la corte criminal en el Condado de Maricopa.

Si Se Puede Arizona

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Please help us fight racial discrimination against Latinos in Maricopa County. We are seeking donations to help cover legal expenses for Latinos detained in Sheriff Joe's employment raids and prosecuted by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.

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Ton Br: So, If I make up a Credit Number and use it, and since it doesn't belong to anyone, it's not a crime?
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January 20, 2013
Jose Lozano: latinos are being prosecuted as if they were terrorists. all they did is work to make a living and are jailed with no right to be bailed out. Even criminals tht have murdered have a right to bond! talk about injustice!
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