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This ribbon was created by MICATS on March 04, 2016

Two of the MI-CATS 3 have filed to appeal their Resisting & Obstructing (R&O) charges with the Michigan Supreme Court. As this moves forward, it may set a precedent for future direct actions in Michigan. This appeal also has the power to challenge the very R&O law, which holds the same weight as assaulting an officer. R&O is often used by the racist and classist legal system to bump minor drug or traffic violators up to felonious status.

Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands continues to organize in the Great Lakes Basin against the extraction, transportation, refinement and use of tar sands. We oppose the havoc it wrecks on communities along the pipeline. From the strip mining & poisoning of people in the territories of Mikisew Cree First Nation, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Fort McMurray First Nation, Fort McKay Cree Nation, Beaver Lake Cree First Nation Chipewyan Prairie First Nation, and the Metis people to the pollution spewed by Marathon upon Detroit residents of the 48217 neighborhood. We are outraged by the emissions all of these tar sands processes are putting into the atmosphere and the impact this has on the climate.

At this moment in history, MI-CATS is supporting Chris Wahmhoff as he has received several probation violations including one for speaking out on Facebook in support of a people's arrest of Governor Snyder.

We are also planning "Bike the Line" (http://www.biketheline.org/), a summer long bicycle tour to connect with residents, landowners, First Nations bands, community organizations, and businesses who reside along Enbridge Line 5. We intend to keep a close eye on pipeline 5 and organize for it to be shut down once and for all!

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MI CATS Bring R&O to the MI Supreme Court! & More!

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Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands organizes to unite people everywhere in efforts to stop the extraction, transportation, refinement and use of tar sands, from the indigenous territories in Northern "Alberta" to the 48217 neighborhood in Detroit.

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