About EverRibbon

EverRibbon is a new, incredibly simple way to collect donations for your cause.

All you need to do to start collecting money is to sign up here, and then create a ribbon page. This page will describe what you are collecting money for and let people share your cause via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Anyone can then donate to your cause with a credit card or bank account.

All donations will go into a WePay account automatically set up for you. Once donations clear (1-2 business days) you can deposit the money into your bank account, or send yourself (or anyone else) a check for the money.

About Us

Andrew LeBlanc

Andrew LeBlanc

Andrew LeBlanc runs EverRibbon, working night and day to make the site better. He writes the code, does support, and makes sure donors and causes are happy. Originally from Austin, Texas, Andrew moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to work at a start-up and make the world a better place. You can contact andrew at andrew@everribbon.com

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